RSPCA Cambridge Trusteeship

All RSPCA local branches are independent charities in their own right, although they are governed by the RSPCA Rules for Branches. Each branch is run by a committee of a minimum of 7 and maximum of 14 trustees.

We are looking to recruit potential trustees who are already RSPCA members and would be interested in standing for election at our AGM in June, or non-members interested in being co-opted following our June AGM.

If you are a branch member and would like to stand for election, or to nominate another branch member, please get in touch.

Becoming a trustee

Trustees may be appointed in either of two ways:

  • By annual ballot of the branch members at an AGM.
  • Co-option during the year by vote of the current branch trustees

Only adult RSPCA members of at least 3 months standing living in the branch area are eligible to stand for election at an AGM, but co-optees are not required to be members, so we often use this as a way for interested people to get some experience of what it involves.

Branch trustees attend monthly committee meetings and many are also involved in the more day-to-day running of the branch. In fact, most RSPCA branches have few or no paid staff and branch trustees do a large amount of practical work in addition to decision-making.

About the branch

The RSPCA Cambridge branch covers an area stretching from Littleport in the north to just south of Royston and from Gamlingay to Newmarket in a west-east direction.

We run a low-cost animal clinic in Cambridge which treats around 4,000 animals each year, and each year we rehome around 200 animals, mostly cases brought in by RSPCA inspectors or injured strays.

We have an annual turnover of just under £250,000 and are constantly striving to improve in order to provide more services, as we feel we are only scratching the surface of the level of need. The branch has three charity shops, which do employ paid managers, and generate the largest part of our regular income stream. For more information on branch activities see our clinic overview and FAQs.