• Burleigh 10am–5pm Mon-Sun,
  • Bookshop 10am–4pm Mon-Fri, 10-6 Sat and 11-6 Sun.
A photo of the display window in our Burleigh Street charity shop

Much of our fundraising is carried out through the activities of our charity shops. Please support us by buying from our shops and donating items!

If you are a UK tax payer, please take a few moments to complete a Gift Aid form so we can reclaim tax when your donated item is sold.

If you are interested in volunteering in one of the shops, please refer to our volunteering page. We would particularly like to hear from anyone who would like to Help with our online sales via eBay and Abe Books.

Burleigh Street

A photo of the entrance to the RSPCA Cambridge charity shop on Burleigh Street
61 Burleigh Street, Cambridge, CB1 1DJ

01223 312 802

We can make good use of any donations of clothing, shoes, bags, curtains, linens, bric-à-brac, toys, etc. We also have a large section featuring second-hand books, vinyl records and CDs, as well as a variety of videos (DVD and VHS). We need your donations to keep our shop floor well-stocked. Please remember us when you are having a clear-out.
We cannot take white goods such as tumble driers because of the safety risks with these. However we can take small electrical goods.

If you would like to drop off donations by car, please phone the shop 01223 312 802 for directions to the unloading area behind us on Paradise street and to make sure someone is available to open the back door.

We also need more volunteers to keep up with the task of processing and steam cleaning a constant flow of donated stock. If you might be interested, please drop in and ask to have a word with the manager on duty.

Mill Road

A photo of the interior of our Mill Road charity shop
188 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3LP

01223 212 644

The RSPCA Cambridge secondhand and antiquarian bookshop is packed with lots of excellent books at reasonable prices.

If you could help please email us at or phone the Burleigh Street shop on 01223 312 802. We are still collecting donations of clothing, linens, china, etc. at the bookshop to sell at 61 Burleigh St.

Only the best items will go out on sale at the shop, but even worn or damaged textiles can be sold for recycling and raise valuable funds to support our work.


A photo of the entrance to the RSPCA Cambridge charity shop in Newmarket
10a Market Street, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8EE

01638 662 053

Sadly our Newmarket shop closed permanently on Saturday 19 December. We would like to say thank you to all our volunteers, staff and customers for supporting the shop over the years.