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RSPCA Cambridge and district branch: Found Animal Notification Form

This is an experimental form to enable you to notify us quickly about animals other than dogs which you think are possibly strays but which are not in any immediate distress or danger. If an animal is injured or ill, or in distress or danger, DO NOT use this form, but phone our 24hr control centre 0300 1234 999. The form only relates to our local branch area and is intended as a way to record non-urgent sightings which may help to re-unite straying animals with their owners. An example of a non-urgent sighting would be a healthy adult cat which is "hanging around" but does not appear injured, sick or starving. The form may also be useful to report animals which cannot easily be caught - for example a free-flying budgie - and ones which you are happy to keep unless or until an owner turns up (for example a stray tortoise).

Stray dogs should be reported to your local dog warden.

You can become a member of the RSPCA by joining via the internet. Membership will give you voting rights on important issues and the chance of joining your local branch committee as well as simply supporting the society, so it is very worthwhile if you want to help animals.

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Last updated 21/05/2010

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