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RSPCA Cambridge and district branch: Lost Animal Notification Form

The RSPCA no longer attempts to run its own database of missing animals and we recommend that you use the PetsLocated website. This automatically searches for matches to lost pets making it much more efficient than the old system of phoning in to request manual searches.

RSPCA shelters and branches will be using PetsLocated to record details of animals taken in as strays.

PLEASE REMEMBER that DOGS must by law be reported to the local authority dog wardens if found straying and it is much less likely that they will end up in RSPCA care than other stray animals. Local authorities are obliged to maintain registers of stray dogs taken or notified to them but they are NOT obliged to add them to any other database. This means it is VERY important that you contact them to check the register if your dog goes missing.

If your dog is found injured, the Local Authority can legally have them put to sleep before the statutory 7 day reclamation period is up, so it is also critically important that you phone round local vets.

The best way to safeguard your pets is to arrange to have them micro-chipped as this will ensure you can be contacted immediately if they are found injured.

You can become a member of the RSPCA by joining via the internet. Membership will give you voting rights on important issues and the chance of joining your local branch committee as well as simply supporting the society, so it is very worthwhile if you want to help animals.

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Last updated 21/05/2010

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